“there is something very different here…this unusual rhythmic environment is simply amazing…a world of beautiful melodic themes, which are enchanting and lyrical… this album is truly marvelous and qualifies as some of the most interesting approaches and explorations I came across since quite a while…one hell of a debut album…Play it again, Sam!”

“the truly outstanding musicians play with an ensemble feel that lifts the whole project out of the ordinary…I was reminded of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in their music’s spiritual ambition…If you like your jazz adventurous with a spiritual edge Samadhi Quintet won’t disappoint”

“A richly rewarding album full of colour, nuance and rhythmic invention that draws on many sources but which sounds bright, fresh and innovative. For Sam Gardner it’s a leadership début to be proud of”

 “accomplished and richly inventive”

 “Flowing, turbulent, tight, myriad influences…Superb musicianship…Listen to the CD, that’s all that matters. Catch them live, they’re impressive”

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