Sabira Jade and Zoo Vision
by on October 20, 2014 in

The new found talents of fresh kept secret Sabira Jade can be heard from many corners of the world today. A diverse and fresh vocalist with an organic variety-pack of sweetness to offer the music world and beyond! With an Arabic name, meaning ‘happy and contented one’, (given to her by her feminist Muslim mother), and a head full of poetry, she is an exciting and patient artist standing out from the crowd, holding onto hope and expressing it with every note! Sabira Jade is a versatile vocalist and prolific songwriter. This girl loves to sing, write, and perform and only stops to catch up on sleep.

At present Sabira Jade is involved in several professional music projects, the most recent being with legendary hip hop DJ and Producer DJ Vadim. Just back from an intense year-long tour of the world with DJ Vadim to promote his 2009 release U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun they have now formed a new performance group called The Electric consisting of Sabira Jade, DJ Vadim and one of Chicago’s finest MCs Pugs Atomz. More recent and future collaborations include Leeds based live electronic hip hop band Paper Tiger, writing and recording collaborations with The Nextmen, Warrior One, Greymatter and Yes King to name a few. Work has begun on her solo project Sabira Jade with a live band and she has already supported the likes of Stones Throws latest killer act Mayer Hawthorne to a sell-out crowd in London.

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